CV & About

Anna M. Szaflarski is a writer, artist and artist-book publisher.

publishing house: AKV Berlin


2021 “Crying face, Don’t tell anyone smile, Thinking smile, Broken heart, Wilted rose” Klosterruine,
Berlin, DE
2021 “Wood and Clay will Wash Away”, with Remko Van der Auwera, Sox, Berlin
2019 "Between Swimming and Dryland", Kunstverein Reutlingen, Germany
2018 "The Hills erect their Purple Heads", Vernacular Institute, Mexico City
2018 "Gemini", Ashley Berlin
2017 “Tired of Waiting”, Porcino (ChertLüdde), Berlin.
2011 SSZ SUED, "Room Rumor", with AKV Berlin, Cologne, Germany
2011TAET, "Room Rumor", with AKV Berlin, Berlin
2009 Antisocial Gallery, "Helen Major, A Documentary Account," Vancouver, Canada. April.


2022 "Parallaxie", Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen, DE
2022 "Welcome to the Band", Whose Museum, Malmö, Sweden
2021 “Merzbau Module III”, Kinderhook & Caracas, Berlin DE
2021 “Touche-Moi”, Tropez, Berlin DE
2020 “Etwas Mehr als Arbeit”, Kunstverein Göttingen, DE
2020 “I’m on Fire”, Spoiler, Berlin, DE
2019 "Heirloomic", Support, London Canada
2019 "Worlding it Otherwise or Else", Bärenzwinger, Berlin
2017 “Green Room”, KunstWerk, Köln
2017 “Touch Base,” Flottwell 2, Berlin
2017 “Enthusiasts’ Forum”, Flottwell 2, Berlin
2017 "Other Oracles", Horse and Pony, Berlin.
2015 “Nyma Graphia Cifra”, Parallel // Oaxaca, Mexico
2014 “Spacerologia: Stary Grunwald Sculpture Residency”, Poznan, PL. (
2014 Braennen, “AKV Aktuell”, Berlin.
2013 Haus am Lutzowplatz, “Tschajka 2”, (in collaboration with Ayami Awazuhara), Berlin.
2013 “Archizines”, touring exhibition on architectural publishing, London, Milan, NY...
2013 Motorehhalle Projektzentrum, "Handlungsbereitschaft (3. Aufl.)", Dresden.
2012 Arthur Boskamp Stiftung, "Ende danke/ Open ended", Hohenlockstedt, DE.
2012 Kunstsaele, "Handlungsbereitschaft", Berlin.
2011 WYSIWYG Galerie"Great Expectations", Berlin, December.
2010 Kaskadenkondensator Gallery "Liste 15", Basel, Switzerland, June.
2010 Eyelevel Gallery, "E4: Eyelevel Re-shelving Initiative", Nova Scotia, NB, Canada. Feb.
2009 Lucky Gallery, "1001", Vancouver, Canada, May
2008 Helen Pitt Gallery," Leave Room For the Holy Ghost", Vancouver, Canada. May.
2008 Concourse Gallery, "Pedestrian", Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada. March.
2007 Les Gallery, "Out of Mine", Vancouver, Canada. May.
2007 Galerie Nord - Kunst Verien Tier Garten, "Gliechheitszeichen", Berlin, Germany, Dec.
2007 Helen Pitt (Back Gallery), "Watchers", Vancouver, Canada. April.
2006 Crawlspace, "Visual Noise", Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada, November.


2021 "The Life and Times of an Outsourced Artwork" in Object Notes: Just a Little Rest, BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE VERLAG
2021 Crying Face, Don't Tell Anyone Smile, Thinking Smile, Broken Heart, Wilted Rose, Klosterruine (Berlin), BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE VERLAG
2020 "The Swimming Pool", in The Pool Reader 4, Tropez & Broken Dimanche Press, Berlin
2019 Very Normal People, AKV Berlin & BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE VERLAG
2017 Estás Viviendo Feo, AKV Berlin. In collaboration with Gonzalo Tow Bautista, María Fernanda Camarena, Raúl Cuevas, Marisela L. Fierro, Xel-Ha López, Humberto Ramírez, Alan Sierra.
2017 “Do Not Leave your Luggage Unattended”, in Shadow Matter ed. David Upton, Glasgow School of Art.
2017 “The Visit and the Threshold”, in We get in each other’s way once in a while: Nick Jeffrey Hannah Barry, U.K.
2017 “Studio Express”, in 89 Zugzeichnungen (Berlin - Beijing): Christian Schellenberger. Lubok
2016 “Martyrs and the Mud”, in Ill Seen and Ill Said, Mindscape Universe.
2016 “Wind the Clock, Coil the Bandage, Wrap the Bandage” in Verbacken & Verwittern: Philipp Modersohn, Oldenburger Kunstverein.
2016 Letters to the Editors, AKV Berlin & Bom dia boa tarde boa noite Verlag
2015 “Under the Hatchet” in Immobilzed Posture / II+I, I+I+I, I+II, III, (Decay): Ida Lennartsson Wassermühle Trittau Stiftungen der Sparkasse Holstein.
2015 “Tomorrow Should See More Working and Less Figuring,” Moby Dick Catalogue to the exhibition of Michael Beutler, Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, Spector Books
2015 “Where is my End? Where is my Beginning? Nyma Graphia Cifra AKV Berlin.
2014 “Child’s Play” Immobilien Splendido, Catalogue to the exhibition of Kasia Fudakowski, Harburg Kunstverein, Motto Books.
2014 “Knot Theory”, Ixiptla Magazine, Volume 1. Bom dia boa tarde boa noite Verlag.
2012 “The Great Deviation”, AKV Berlin
2011 “Archive of Intuitive Structures”, AKV Berlin.
2010 "The Jury Analysis", AKV Berlin Ind. Pub.
2009 "Helen Major", Front Magazine, pg.20-3, May/June.
2009 "Helen Major / A Documentary Account," AKV Berlin Ind. Pub.
2008 "Documents of Suspicious Non-Events", AKV Berlin Independent Pub.


2018 "The Athletic Cadaver", performance, organized by Fundación Alumnos, at Elgarafi Bom Dia, Berlin
2017 "The Athletic Cadaver", workshop at Museo de Arte Zapopan, Mexico.
2017 “Club del libro” , Alumnos47, Mexico City
2017 “Shadow Matter” , Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scottland.
2017 “A Story of Folding and Unfolding”, Raven Row, London U.K.
2016 “Letters to the Editors”, Art Metropole, Toronto
2016 “You are my Constant/While I Your Variable” Gernot 3000: Eva Funk, Universität der Künste Berlin.
2016 “Letters to the Editors”, Between Bridges, Berlin (Juli 2016)
2016 “Letters to the Editors”, Antisocial Vancouver
2016 “Letters to the Editors”, Ashley Berlin
2015 “Incongruous Headlines,” Niagara Artists Centre, Canada
2015 “Shau der Gestaltung” Letters to the Editors Reading, Verein der Gestaltung, Berlin.
2015 “Rotato” Publication Reading, Mindscape Universe, Berlin.
2013 "Nyma Grafia Cyphra", Berlin Art Prize, Berlin.
2013 “The Grid Destroyer” Performed with Max Stocklosa, Universitaet der Kunste Berlin
2012 “The Great Deviation”, Arthur Boskamp Stiftung.
2012 “Never Odd or Even” series from Mariana Castillo Deball, Staendehaus, Dokumenta, Kassel.