LTTE Podcast

2016 -- ongoing

Following the compilation and publication of Letters to the Editors bi-weekly journal, LTTE Podcast presents new readings from artwriters and beyond. Each issue also includes conversations with writers, artists, and publishers. Hosted and produced by Anna M. Szaflarski.
Bonus tracks include readings of original writing by Szaflarski.
Supported by AKV Berlin Publishing.

Berlin-based Canadian artist Lauryn Youden takes host Anna M. Szaflarski on a search for locating rest in her text "Waiting Rooms...Locating Rest". Between distraction, pleasure and waiting it's seems nowhere to be found.

Nathan Beyonce Ma reads, "We Need to Talk about Nathan", a speculative editorial interview with himself from the future. Afterwards, Ma and host Anna M. Szaflarski talk about Nathan's virtual alter-egos, about the Gwyneth project, about getting famous, and how our humanity is getting in the way of it all.

Poet and philosopher Daniel Falb reads "Chicxulub Paem" and talks to host Anna M. Szaflarski about its relationship to his research on Geophilosophical Metaphysics; talking about deep geological time, remarking on the relative novelty of global thinking, the athropocene and the mechanics of transcendental empiricism.

Host Anna M. Szaflarski calls Precious Okoyomon in Ohio to listen to her read her poem, "It's dissociating season". Afterwards they talk about her writing process, manic behaviours feeding creation and the powerful force of text messages.

Author Vijay Khurana reads from his current novel-in-process and talks to host Anna M. Szaflarski about fiction as a psychological laboratory and the existence of sexual underpinnings in friendships.

Listen in to John Holten read his story "The Future of Reading" and speculate with me about the end/transformation of novels and fiction as we know it!

Listen to Eva Funk read "going on being (a sea cucumber)", and our conversation about being a liar, reclaiming cuteness as a legitimate artistic strategy and a few of her favourite authors.

Phoebe Blatton reads her story, "Every Lovely Limb's a Desolation", followed by a conversation with host Anna M. Szaflarski about artwriting and the dilemmas of writing about small dramas.

LTTE E01 Santiago da Silva | Balam Bartolome

1. Invited by a project called Parafil in Guadalajara, Mexico, to present the LTTE book, Anna puts the print project finally to rest with an interview with Graphic Designer and collaborator Santiago da Silva. Da Silva and Szaflarski share thoughts on LTTE, upcoming projects and the alternative ways of an editor.
2. The second half of the podcast presents Balam Bartolomé's poem "Nahual" read in Spanish (by Maria Fernanda Camarena) and English (by Szaflarski), followed by a conversation with Szaflarski and the author.