Towards Eternity


Digital print, 356 x 252 cm
wooden sculptures, paint, plaster
The large-scale digital print "Towards Eternity" depicts a physically devolved world in which humans live in rudimentary conditions whilst focusing solely on developing their metaverse through virtual reality pods. Their "real world" micro-civilization seems to occupy a former religious structure whose vestiges lay upon an apocalyptic landscape. Often inspired by science-fiction and comic books, Szaflarski here develops a parallel world wracked by an obsession with an imagined virtual existence amid a visibly neglected terrestrial one which still holds on to the primitive power of talismans and totems. Meanwhile, sculptural and architectural excerpts from the drawing can be found throughout the exhibition space.
Part of the group exhibition Parallaxie at Kunstverein Springhornhof. Co-curated by Berliner project spaces Kreuzberg Pavillon and Kinderhook & Caracas and the artist group The Mycological Twist.

Photos: Fred Dott